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Who are we?

Jap Euro Auto Parts is the largest importer and exporter of used auto parts. We sell great quality used car engines and half cuts in Malaysia. These fine-quality used half-cuts, used engines, and other car body parts are imported from Australia. We have plenty of auto wrecking yards in Australia where a wide variety of cars are bought on a daily basis. We carefully repurpose these vehicles, and export the half-cuts and engines to Malaysia.

Wondering how you can buy used car parts from us? We give the option of both online and offline purchases. You can look into our inventory online to find what you’re looking for. If you’re still in doubt, give us a call and our car experts will complete your search.

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To buy the best quality used engines and half-cuts in Malaysia, give us a call at 017-550-1194 and talk to our experts today!


We Sell Affordable Car Parts In Malaysia

If you’re looking to buy some affordable car parts in Malaysia, we have a wide range of used auto parts for you. As the leading importer and exporter of used auto parts, we offer you great prices and better services. You can buy used car engines and other car parts online and we will get them shipped to you. If you want to look before you buy, we have plenty of stores in Malaysia. You can walk-in, ask for the car parts you’re looking for, and our experts will find the best options for you.

We source all makes and models of engines, half-cuts, electrical spare parts, suspension and steering parts, and many more. Our yards are located all over Australia. We import over 4 containers of used auto parts every month.

Our Services

Buy Car Halfcuts Malaysia

You can buy top quality imported halfcuts in Malaysia by simply reaching out to us! We are the top used auto parts sellers in Malaysia. We import the finest quality halfcuts from Australia and sell them at a reasonable price in Malaysia. You can find all makes and models of used auto parts like Mazda, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, and many more!

Used Car Engines Malaysia

We have a lot of auto wrecking yards in Australia where we recycle cars of all makes and models. The used car engines from these wide varieties of vehicles are exported to Malaysia. You can buy used car engines by visiting our store or you can find them online. For reliable and fast services, give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

Used Car Parts and Miscellaneous Auto Parts

We sell used car parts like body parts, suspension and steering parts, electrical spare parts, used car engines, car halfcuts, and many more. Can’t find what you are looking for in our store or website? Don’t worry. We take special orders as well. Tell us all about the make, model, and brand of your car. We will get top quality auto parts exported from Australia on a special order.

Special Import Order

Looking for something in particular or probably have a bulk order? We have got you covered! We take orders on special requests as well. We have many yards in Australia where vehicles of all makes and models come in daily. You can tell us about your requirements and we will get the best quality car parts imported from Australia.

To place your special order for imported used auto parts, give us a call at 017-550-1194 today!

How does it work?

Looking for the best used car parts, used engines, and halfcuts of all makes and models? Let us tell you how easy it is to find great quality auto parts with us:

Have Queries? Contact Us!

You can simply give us a call or leave your query on our website. Our experts are quick to respond. If you’re looking to buy used car parts online, look into our inventory on the website or directly talk to us about your requirements. You can also walk into our stores in Malaysia and we help you find what you are looking for.

We also allow partner sellers to register with us. If you are a business that has used auto parts, reach out to us for further details on registration.

Fast and Reliable Auto Parts Shipping Services

If you want to buy the best quality used auto parts online, we will ship them to your place. We take bulk orders and deliver top quality used car parts to your place. You also have the option of visiting our stores in Malaysia. Our car experts are very friendly and will guide you with the entire procedure.

Buy Used Car Engines, Halfcuts, and other Used Auto Parts

If you’re walking into our store or buying car parts online, you will have no trouble paying us up-front once you are sure about the quality. However, if you want to place a special order, we take a deposit or full payment depending on the requirements. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction and fast and reliable services in Malaysia.




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