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About Jap Euro Auto Parts SDN BHD

Jap Euro Auto Parts is a global leader in the import and wholesale of used engines, as well as many different types of.

We buy and sell used cars and can also help you with performance upgrades. We are based in Malaysia and deal with all types of vehicles--half cut, turbo models, etc.

We have serviced our customers for more than a year, so you can expect us to be good at what we are doing. Our engines are checked to ensure quality with extensive testing and approval. We bring high-quality parts, including half cuts and low-kilometre engines.

Our Auto Parts Wholesale Services

We specialize in parts for JDM cars, including car engines, half cuts, misc body parts and more. We offer these parts in bulk - perfect for all DIY types!

Our Products

Find a wide range of Japanese engines, parts, and half cuts, including normal and high-performance engines.

Partner Seller

Japeuro allows sellers to post products from wrecking yards and wholesale used cars and auto part dealers. They can sell any makes and models cars by enabling buyers online. It is straightforward to use, and putting ads is similar to the classified. They need to put detailed information about the car or auto parts they want to sell.

How it works

The verified seller can put their products for sale. They do have available ads timings for 30 days. If they did not get a buyer within the time, they are allowed to repost their product again. Once the seller gets the order, they can easily sell, and the buyer will get a notification through email or phone. We are not offering any payment modes online; it will be done as per the convenience of the seller and buyer.


It requires by both sellers and buyers. It is easy to initiate a registration followed by a local Malaysia mobile number, and further details of the registration are separate for both.


Once we get the registration, our team verifies the sellers' business details and approves them. Similarly, each buyer will be approved by the seller.


The only verified seller can upload their inventory and post their products to sell online.

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